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Generating msvc projects for CrystalSpace

 Generate the msvc projects was tiring , everything that could go wrong went. Then I decided to make an entire tutorial explaining how to get things working.

First of all, download cygwin (if you are using windows) .

Installing ftjam
Then install ftjam, download it here, and copy the binary to  cygwin/bin or cygwin/usr/sbin folder.

Installing perl and Template Toolkit
Before installing it, you need to get gcc-4, if you doesn't already have it run the cygwin setup and in the devel packages select gcc-4 C/C++ package.
If you are using cygwin, also install mingw gcc C/C++ compiler or you will get a error when running ./configure script, because gcc-4 doesn't support a flag used by the configure script.

To install Template Toolkit go to the  cygwin/linux terminal:

# cpan install Template

Or the hardest way, download ActivePerl here, go to the activeperl/bin folder and run cpan.bat, and then in the prompt run the command:

# install Template

Run the configure script

# ./configure

Notice that if your  CS svn repository is configured to use CRLF windows line endings these scripts will fail to run, therefore change the line endings to LF.

Before running jam you will need to run (only once, to create a configuration file):

# ttree

it will asks you to create a configuration file, confirm and now you are ready to run:

# jam msvcgen

If you don't run the ttree before using jam, it will fail because jam uses ttree and ttree will asks to create the configuration file without execute the command passed by jam.

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